Strategy Formulation

We advise Business Developers on the Why, Where and How to practically leverage AI, Machine Learning and Data Science in each given case


If you know AI can make a difference to your business, or perhaps you have a specific business case, but you lack the technological expertise to implement it, we will do all that for you


If you were interested in becoming knowledgeable about AI, we would be happy to conduct training sessions or multi-day workshops at your premises

Our Partners


Our Products

We offer a vaiety of off-the-shelf products, as well as with custom on-premise solutions

custom solutions

Custom Solutions

We offer scalable and customizable AI-enabled products for any kind of business



TextSpace is an Natural Language Processing (NLP) service for Intent Classification and Entity Extraction in 22 Languages



A framework for Medical Image Analysis

Meet our team

We are a a group of researchers, backed by an interdisciplinary community to build the best possible solutions for you

Ankita Choudhury

Ankita Choudhury

Operations Manager

Felix Laumann

Felix Laumann

Research Scientist

John Gamboa

John Gamboa

Research Scientist | NLP


Purvanshi Mehta

Applied Research Scientist | Medical Image Processing


Michael Soutschek


Don’t hesitate to contact us now. We offer plenty of customized solutions. Book a first exploratory meeting for free and we will discuss how AI can help your business.