Increase your safety while driving by controlling your vehicle with voice commands

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From your in-vehicle music system to the indicator, control any buttons and sticks by your voice and focus on what really matters - your safety on the road.

Use Cases

Control your music system

Listening to your favourite artist, album, song or podcast can be started with your voice without taking your eyes off the road. Simply say “play Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles” and all your worries will be gone.

Turn on headlights, wipers or set the indicator with your voice

You can speak to your vehicle and give commands, for example to turn on the headlights or wipers, set the indicator, accelerate or drive consistently at the same speed.

Speak to your navigation system

Ask your navigation system when you will reach the next gas station, if there are any tolls on your current route or when your expected time of arrival will be. All with your voice, no need to scroll through long menus, while fully focusing on the road.