Consumer Banking

Develop frictionless customer touchpoints and streamline information-intensive processes to meet the demands of customers and regulators

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We help banks drive efficiency by enabling communication and process automation. We help you leverage language data to deepen your customer and business understanding. Our AI solutions help you create consistent brand-relevant experiences across channels including your Website, App, WhatsApp and Facebook in 55 languages.

Use Cases

Fund Transfers and Bill Payments

Allow customers to transfer money, pay bills, check reward points and redeem them with chat and voice-based assistants.

Personalised Advisory

Analyse data to understand your customers transaction patterns to consult suitable investment products

Multilingual Digital Touchpoints

Use multilingual text and voice-based self service systems across digital channels including Websites, Apps, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Augment Management

Automate legal and compliance processes by using AI to evaluate contracts, ensure compliance and review policies

Optimise Workforce

Automate front and back office processes to enable employees to focus on customer service activities