Automate claim filing, provide real-time customer support and sell new policies faster

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An AI-powered insurance chat or voice assistant can help with filling claims, let customers search for clauses in their policies, and improve sales while decreasing cycle times.

Use Cases

Filing an Insurance Claims

Claim filing can be automated using our insurance chat or voice assistants that guide customers through the process step by step and enables them to upload evidence photos or videos.

Receiving Updates on Claims

Policyholders can check the status of their insurance claims without having to call a service representative.

Searching for Policy Clauses

A virtual policy assistant can easily answer customers’ questions whether they are insured against specific damages and return the clauses of the policy that contains this information.

Buying Insurance Policies

A virtual sales assistant for insurance policies helps to optimise the digital customer journey by providing only the information at each step that is relevant for the customer.