The multi-lingual platform (36 languages supported including 11 Indian local languages) can help you to automate any kind of tasks related to text understanding.

Natural language processing (NLP) has been in our interest since its childhood and we have developed a platform solution able to adapt to different tasks immediately without connecting to the cloud.

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The cancer and tumor detection, classification and localization platform that can be specialized for your cases immediately.

Facilitating specialists in their daily medical image analyses is something we would like to mainstream. Our solution has proven to outperform doctors with long records of experience. We are not only happy that we make their daily work easier, we are especially happy that we can save many lives.

Custom Solution

We offer scalable and customizable AI-enabled products for any kind of business.

We are dedicated to helping businesses integrating AI into their products, services or internal business processes. We support clients throughout the entire process of AI implementation.

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