Use Cases

Use Cases for TextSpace

ChatBots/Personal Assistants

TextSpace can be used to build bots for various industries like: Banking, Restaurants, Insurance, Retail, E-commerce etc. With a Speech to Text engine, TextSpace can be used to build business case specific conversational (speech based) bots.

Business Process Automation Agents

TextSpace’s NLP Backend can be used to develop agents to automate business processes like, automatic response generation (e.g., for emails), automatically triggering actions, etc

Customer Support Agent

TextSpace can be used to train semantic question answering models. This can help customer support agents to arrive at answers faster. If connected with a speech-to-text and text-to-speech, TextSpace can be used to build bots, which can be used to build voice based FAQ bots.

Personalized Product Suggestion

TextSpace can be used to train models to suggest semantically relevant products using natural language.

Document Classification

If you have labelled documents, then TextSpace has ready to use APIs to train and deploy state-of-the-art classifier models.

Sentiment Analysis

TextSpace can be used to train sentiment analysis models with minimal data.

Macro Suggestion for CRM platforms

Macros are the actions that modify the value of the raised tickets and it is performed by the agents. TextSpace can automatically understand the incoming tickets and can suggest the most relevant macros to the agents that can be applied to the tickets. For all the tickets for which TextSpace model is not confident, it learns from the agents actions as the missed macros examples can be added to the training data and TextSpace would be confident next time when it sees similar tickets.

Spam (Free-Text) Filtering

TextSpace can be used to train text filtering models like Spam Filtering models. To do so, you need some labeled data, and you can use the available APIs to train and deploy models on the fly.

Error Classification from Logs

Given logs from application, TextSpace can be used to train models that will detect issues and raise flags for developers to have a look at. Given labelled data about which solution to apply, TextSpace can also suggest possible solutions.

Automated Ticket Assignment

Issue tracking is a great use case for TextSpace. Tickets in an issue tracking system can be tagged or classified using TextSpace.

Profanity and Abuse Detection

TextSpace can be used to build abuse detection models, based on raw/natural language text.

Urgency Detection

Name entity recognition can make things anonymous by detecting it and then masking it. Something similar to what AirBnB does.

Custom Extraction

TextSpace has the option of adding plug and play extraction components. It is shipped with prebuilt entity extractors. These extractors can be used to extract date, time, address, etc. along with custom entities like product code, account number, house number, etc. The options are endless.

These are just a few hand-picked use cases, there are many more. If TextSpace is used with speech to text or text to speech, then you can use it in a much wired range of application.