Enable high-quality digital customer experiences by simplifying the search for the right package and sharing sensitive information while booking

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Our virtual assistants refine the customer experience with instant support to the customer across all communication channels. Using a simple text or voice command, customers can use the assistant to get real-time travel updates, price offers, suggestions, or advice on actionable steps. The assistant can also help them make searches, purchases and upgrades.

Use Cases

Booking support

Our assistants make managing holiday or flight reservations fast, easy, and conversational – either through text or voice – in any preferred communication channel. We make it easy to book and reschedule trips and provide helpful alerts whenever needed.

Loyalty programs

Our virtual assistants can eliminate loyalty program headaches by automatically presenting travellers with the frequent flyer information they need at the time of booking as well as reminding customers to use their balance or rewards before it is too late. This helps travelers get the most out of your programs – increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Personalised customer experiences

Every customer is different. Our virtual assistants can understand a users’ intent, behaviour and buying patterns to deliver a right-fit, right-time solution that is closely mapped to their unique travel needs. This allows you to provide each and every customer more meaningful, personalised engagements at a scale impossible by humans.