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NeuralSpace comprises a wide range of expertise required to solve real-world problems using Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to ensure that research-level Artificial Intelligent solutions reach the industry following industrial practices. Our strength lies in the domain of Natural Language Understanding and Medical Image Processing.

Strong Link to Academia

Our people stay close to academia and implement latest research findings. We help businesses designing a greater experience for their customers, may it be by personally assisting their purchasing experience, providing medical doctors a second opinion on diagnoses, or finding products online quicker. Our unique blend of academics and practitioners makes sure our products stay up to-date while also focusing on intuitive interfaces

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Concatenating all these bright minds in such an emerging sector and staying close to academia is a promising constellation.

Dr. hans laumann
CEO, atlantis odeon

We are working with NeuralSpace to develop MedSpace, a tool for Medical Image Analysis. The AI space is booming incredibly, and with NeuralSpace as partners, we are trying to be at the AI forefront.

Suraj Sahoo
Technology Anchor, Invincix

NeuralSpace is one of the most dedicated and hard-working start-ups I've seen since a while. They do not only have a fascinating technology, they also approach topics in a mature perspective

Ferdinand Orleans-Lindsay
Imperial Enterprise Lab