An all-in-one cloud platform to take care of your diverse Natural Language Processing (NLP) needs. You can build virtual assistants (text and voice), translate domain-specific texts between various languages, summarize multiple pages of text into a short summary, and even buy datasets or pre-configured models for specific industries and use-cases on a marketplace.

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What our clients say about us


“Textspace started out by making our task of Intent Classification really simple. No-brainer, simple APIs let developers focus on the results rather than on the meta-engineering around model creations. It has reduced our turnaround time for delivery without compromising on accuracies. With the recent release of TextSpace 2.0.0, that adds support for training Dynamic Entities, it is the go-to repository for all new requirements we encounter. The active support from Ayushman and team is a boon, it has made our ideations and feature enhancements extremely swift.“

Bhupen Chauhan

Product Owner - NLU
Reverie Language Technologies

“NeuralSpace with their NLU expertise helped us reach to masses in rural India. Inclusion of AI and chatbot capabilities in Indian languages helped us automating citizen query management, thus reducing a huge chunk of our manual work. Our applications like citizen surveys chatbots require domain-specific fine-tuning, and the team at NeuralSpace has been proactive in fulfilling those ever-changing demands. We are looking forward to the launch of our next product together.“

Ujjwal Agrain

Product Owner, Futurewiz

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We are interested to hear what challenges you face with low-resource languages. Please get in contact and we can discuss more.

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